Buchner convicted of murder in brother’s death


MOBILE — A Mobile County Circuit Court jury Wednesday convicted Scot Ramon Buckner, 52, of murder in the Sept. 17, 2015 shooting death of his brother, Randy Buckner, at the Turnerville home the two men shared.

Randy Buckner’s dying call to 911 saying he had been shot inside the home at 15646 Durango Drive was played in court as part of the trial. “These very well may have been Randy’s last words,” Assistant District Attorney Michaelyn Gober told the jury in final summation.

The jury of eight men and four women deliberated about an hour and a half at the end of the three-day trial before delivering the verdict. Scot Buckner showed no visible reaction as the jury foreman read the verdict.

Circuit Judge Jay A. York set June 8 for a sentencing hearing.

Randy Buckner was killed that afternoon after a confrontation between the brothers that started when Scot Buckner, a truck driver trying to sleep before his work shift, was awakened by a loud phone conversation in which Randy Buckner was engaged.

The fact Scot Buckner shot his brother fatally with a .40 caliber semiautomatic handgun was never in question during the trial. The defendant admitted so in an interview to deputies after his capture and he re-enacted the incident during testimony at trial that he gave in his own defense.

During his testimony, Scot Buckner said his brother, who outweighed him considerably, struck him several times after, as the defendant testified, he confronted the victim over the noisy phone call. Scot Buckner said he got his always-loaded Baretta handgun and told Randy Buckner to leave the house, and when, as he said, Randy Buchner lunged at him, the gun went off, striking him in the chest.

Scot Buckner replayed the incident before the jury with the help of defense attorneys Grant W. Gibson and N. Staples Wood.

But Goram pointed out, that as his brother lay in his bedroom dying, the defendant packed and drove off, calling his employer on the way to tell him about the shooting and for the employer not to expect him at work the next day. Testimony also showed that Scot Buckner also told the employer to deposit his paycheck in the bank for him.

Scot Buckner was located and arrested on Sept. 23, 2015, in Swain County, N.C., a remote area of deep valleys, wilderness and a handful of tourist towns just off the southeast edge of the Carolina side of Great Smoky Mountain National Park.

York gave the jurors two lesser-included charges to consider, manslaughter and criminally-negligent homicide, as well as outright acquittal, but the jury rejected these options and agreed with the origina May 2016 murder indictment against Scot Buckner.





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  1. Karin Buckner Fischer on May 6, 2017 at 6:02 pm

    I am one of Scot and Randy’s sisters, and if I had only been able to afford an attorney for Scot, he would most likely be a free man. He had a lousy public defender who never bothered to contact me or my sister to find out what my younger brother endured from Randy for too many years; nor did the defense even so much as tell Scot when his trial was to begin. My brother Randy was a xXxX messed up alcoholic and very bitter and angry person who abused Scot miserably. I hope you jurors responsible for the verdict in this case live the rest of your lives in guilt and misery. And as for the so-called “defense,” you did not give a xxxx about him nor the truth behind all this. Because of you, he did not get a fair trial. I REPEAT: HE DID NOT GET A FAIR TRIAL. Scot had a wonderful heart of gold inside him, and Randy only had the devil in him. I challenge any of you jurors, the newspaper, and you lousy DAs to contact me. Not afraid to give my name: Karin Buckner Fischer

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