Staff Report

CREOLA — Creola police Thursday released this composite artist’s sketch of the man believed to have attempted an abduction on a 14-year-old Creola girl who was out jogging on July 21 on Lister Dairy Road.

The white male attacker, whom the girl fought off successfully despite suffering  injuries, is believed to be in his 30s and is about 6 feet tall with a tattoo on his upper left arm. He was seen in a white four-door vehicle, possibly a Chevrolet Impala with a second man in the vehicle. The car had damage near the rear driver’s wheel.

The attacker was also injured, having been bitten in the arm by the girl.

Anyone who knows who this man might be or who has information about the vehicle should call Creola police as soon as possible at 675-8145. Doug Kirkland is the chief of police in Creola.

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