Sandy Stimpson wins second term as mayor of Mobile

Sandy Stimpson


Incumbent Mobile Mayor Sandy Stimpson easily defeated challenger and former mayor Sam Jones in Tuesday’s municipal elections. Stimpson, running on a campaign to continue his “One Mobile” direction for the city, received 59 percent of the vote with 97 percent of the precincts reporting Tuesday night.

Jones, whom Stimpson defeated in the previous mayoral election, could not produce any momentum Tuesday, partly based on reported lower voter turnout numbers than expected in voting districts in which he was expected to fare well. However, the same was true for Stimpson is some districts in which he held a stronghold. Overall, the voter turnout was not as high as most expected.

In the end, Stimpson’s voting base held strong, with the incumbent receiving 27,252 (with 100 percent of the precincts reporting) to 18,783 votes (41 percent) for Jones.

Two others were candidates for mayor but neither campaigned with any fanfare or intensity. The voting results for them reflected that strategy with Anthony Thompson receiving just 166 votes and Donavette Ely receiving only 115 total votes.

The election was a complete sweep for incumbents as all five of the seven Mobile City Council members involved in the election — Leon Manzie in District 2 and Gina Gregory in District 7 were unopposed and thus automatically earned re-election — easily earned another term.

With 100 percent of the precincts reporting, Fred Richardson received 67 percent of the vote (5,182) in District 1. He faced three challengers, with Cory Penn receiving 24 percent of the vote (1,867), Timothy Hollis 6 percent (464) and Perry Berens 2 percent (178).

In District 3, C.J. Small collected 81 percent of the vote (4,138) in defeating Leola Chaney (986, 19 percent). John C. Williams dominated District 4 voting, receiving 5,271 votes (62 percent) compared to 3,275 (38 percent) for challenger Robert Martin. In District 5, Joel Daves received 77 percent of the vote (4,179) compared to 1,214 votes (23 percent) for Ariana McArthur. Bess Rich ran away with District 6, receiving 79 percent of the vote (5,296 votes) to 21 percent (1,407 votes) for challenger Deryl Pendleton.

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