Mt. Vernon gets $1.5 million grant from BP Restore Act

Mt. Vernon Town Hall


MOUNT VERNON — The town of Mount Vernon has been awarded a $1.5 million grant from the BP Restore Act fund to build a new water treatment plant.

The grant was announced Tuesday evening at the regular Mount Vernon Town Council by Mayor Terry Williams. The grant will include money to build a new water treatment plant next to the one currently in use across the street from Town Hall.

It will, like the current plant, include an undergronud reservoir. Also included in the grant is money for concrete clearwall and baffles, induced draft aeration, a new treatment building, electrical and HVAC, as well as a chemical feed system.

The plant, once built, will put into retirement a treatment facility that has been operating in the town since the early 1960s. Williams and the council had made it a high priority, from the beginning of the current mayor-council administration, to find a way to get a new plant built.

After public meetings on the matter that were held last year, Williams and the conucil decided to apply both for the BP Restore Act money and for a loan with Alabama Department of Environmental Management to pay for the facility. Williams said that the application with ADEM has been withdrawn now that grant money has been assured for the project.

It will be several months before the actual construction of the new plant begins.

Mount Vernon was the only municipality outside of Mobile in Mobile County to receive a BP grant.

BP is paying out grant money to counties and cities along the Gulf Coast as compensation for the long-term economic and environmental harm to the region caused by the April 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil rig disaster


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