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Summer educational programs approved


     Students attending the Mobile County Public School System have been doing schoolwork
from their homes for the past several weeks due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As the
official school year has come to a close for most students, those who might need additional
assistance will be given an opportunity to continue doing schoolwork from home
during the opening weeks of the summer.

     During the May 18 meeting of the Mobile County School Board, approval was given for
the system’s summer educational program. According to the information provided by
school system officials, the program will have a focus on improving a student’s learning
ability in reading and mathematics. The document also notes the summer program is
being held in accordance with the Alabama Literacy Act, which became law in June 2019,
which states, “Each local education agency shall provide summer reading camps to all
K-3 students identified with a reading deficiency.”

     Officials with MCPSS noted the program entitled, “Summer Literacy Camp,” is
designed to promote reading proficiency in the areas of phonemic awareness, alphabet
knowledge, sound-symbol recognition, decoding skills, vocabulary and comprehension.

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